I’m so glad that something drew you here.  Let’s believe that it wasn’t by chance, but that we were meant to connect. I’ll share stories, recommendations, recipes, pictures, experiences, the ups as well as the downs, in hopes that something resonates with you, inspires you, or simply makes you feel more seen. 


So here’s a start…


My name is Brittany -having grown up in Wyoming, I’m now raising my own little clan in Southern California.  By degree I am a generalist social work practitioner, but I am a confusing jumble of many other things which you’ll soon discover. 


This lifestyle blog is a reflection of all the many fractals of my journey and personality. You will not find one consistent theme, or a cohesive flow necessarily because that just not reality (and trust me I wrestled with this A LOT).  I’ll try to stay as true to myself as possible – which as many of you know can be hard.  We can be on the journey together.